‘Voices Whisper in the Trees. Tonight is Halloween’


It’s All Hallows Eve and There’s Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice for Miss BrightSide!

Nicole was a Mom. She put her kids first. She put everybody else first... My sister had the ability to live life, live it bright and live it large... She had fun.' Tanya Brown Even if I haven't exactly been 'living it large' here at Nicole's House as of late; I've certainly been having some [...]

The Story and Creation of Nicole’s House…

As well as a passion for the creation of 'Small Worlds', the Regency world of the Poet Lord Byron and chocolate, I also have an enduring interest in the life and legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson. "I just don't see how our stories compare -I was so bad because I wore sweats & left shoes [...]

A Peek Inside the Abode of a Has-Been…

Brentwood was definitely not my neck of the woods. The conventional wisdom about this upscale 'hood was that it was a place where people air-kissed, compared implants, and did lunch. During my stint in Beverly Hills, I discovered that the cliches were pretty much true. The hills north of Sunset were jammed with multimillion-dollar estates [...]